Monday, 11 May 2009

The ?What If! Jugglers

This morning I hung out with Chris Barez-Brown to film the latest in the series of The Juggle Tapes interviews. Chris is Learning Director of the ?What If! Innovation company, an organisation that helps clients who want to innovate and grow. They’ve got an impressive client list from leading brands to government departments.

Chris juggles multiple projects, brands and timezones at ?What If!. He’s also a writer, speaker and a real evangelist for creative thinking. We had a really good chat about how he juggles his different roles, how he finds time for guitar lessons and play, and how he finds time for creative thinking in such a busy schedule. We also spoke about how he has managed to co-create an organisation that encourages juggling at all levels where staff embrace their plurality and mix up their passions. The interview is being edited and will be up on in a week or so.
Thanks to Chris and Jane at ?What If! and to Clem and Tim for production.

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