Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't Over-Engineer It!

The problem with technology is that whilst it has the power to simplify business it also has the power to complicate it. We requested a logo file from a client and were asked to log on to an allegedly ‘easy to use’ system where in fact, we had to have at least six click-throughs to find said file. Over-engineered?

Sometimes good solutions don't need complicated systems, they just need DOING. I was impressed by the a hotel's concierge emailing me with weather reports the week before we went on holiday. I tweeted about it. I got a response from a technology company that provides hotels with e-solutions, 'what system are they using' for the weather emails they asked? 'What system??' Their bare hands. Someone is taking the time to email me and say it is sunny today. That personal touch was impressive. Would an e-solution have had the same effect? No.

So keep it simple and sometimes it’s worth eschewing technology for doing stuff with your bare hands!

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