Friday, 7 October 2011

5 ways to check out 'Zoom!'

My new book 'Zoom! The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen' is out on November 1st and here are a few resources I have created around it:
  1. There's a free sample chapter you can read, download and share here
  2. I have written a Change This manifesto 'How Unplanning Your Business Can Make It Happen Faster' that is available to read, download and share here
  3. There's a Zoom Guys website with more about the book here
  4. You can buy it on and from all your usual online retailers. And in the UK find it in your local book shop.
  5. There's a couple of videos up (with more to come) featured interview extracts from the book. Here's links to: Guy Kawasaki and Leon restaurants' John Vincent with their tips to faster ways to make your business idea happen. And there's a video trailer above.