Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Creating something from nothing...

I have always been stimulated by creating SOMETHING from NOTHING; taking an idea to fruition. It’s what we aim to do with all our projects at OHM.

On a personal level that sense of satisfaction has been heightened by having just – literally – put the finishing touches to the manuscript for my latest book “Leap!”.

And here - above - is where it all started. The Printers Inc Cafe in Palo Alto, California, March 2004. I started writing what was then billed as "The Self Sufficient Entrepreneur". Then I got busy and it lay dormant. Until October 2006 when I revisited the idea and decided to start afresh. In February 2007 a publishing deal was offered to me. Today is the deadline for submission.

181,280 characters; 40,378 words; 235 revisions; 265 pages.

And now it’s done.