Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Art Of Reinvention

27 years ago – or thereabouts - I was really into Kim Wilde’s music. She was my first pop idol, I had all her records.

So I had a blast from the past yesterday when I walked into the
Paul Smith shop at Borough Market and saw one of her 7” record sleeves framed on the wall. According to the shop assistant, this is from ‘Paul’s personal collection’ which is now going on the wall of some of their shops, reinvented as ‘Art’ and being sold to customers at £50 each for a ‘limited edition’ release (if only I’d kept all my Kim Wilde records).

I don’t think it was ever ‘cool’ to like Kim Wilde in the ‘80s, but here in 2009, not only is it cool but the record artwork has been totally reinvented and recycled and positioned - and sold - as art.

Now that is cool!

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