Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Juggle!' Goes To Vegas

Like a lot of connections as a result of attending SXSW, I can’t remember exactly how I ‘met’ Espree Devora (although unfortunately we only met on Twitter just as I was leaving town). But Espree read my book 'Juggle!' and was kind enough to wow about it; she called it ‘an entrepreneur’s bible’.

Espree and her team at action sports company Zex Sports have been inspired by Zappos and their commitment to customer service. So when Espree went to visit Zappos recently, she wanted to send the executives she'd met a gift; and she kindly ordered 20 copies of ‘Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life’ that I signed for each of them.
The books are now sitting in Zappos' HQ in Vegas and a few copies in the company’s library for staff and visitors to browse.

I want to say a huge thank you to Espree for bigging-up the book and spreading the word to Zappos and beyond. As they say at SXSW, ‘awesome’!

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