Monday, 4 May 2009

Meet Macala Wright

Macala Wright is Interactive Marketing Director for 1928 Jewelry in Los Angeles. She writes about social media marketing, Organic SEO and building brand awareness for retailers & fashion companies.

Macala blogs at Fashionably Marketing where she has started posting some book reviews. Each review gives a punchy synopsis of the main points in the book (and a critique of any points she disagrees with). I was delighted she chose to review my book ‘Juggle!’ – it’s a well written review; not only does she create a neat take-away summary she also makes it relevant to ‘her world’ (fashion/marketing) plus she also takes issue with one of mypoints I make. Macala reminds readers that you only need 3 hours to read the book or ‘6 hours if you want to dissect it a bit’. You can read the review here, meanwhile here’s an excerpt:

Juggle! Rethink Work & Reclaim Your Life is a great book for someone who’s unhappy at work, is having trouble with time management or is trying to change a company’s/their own traditional business mindset. Remember the Sex and The City episode where the girls are sitting on the rooftop of Samantha’s new loft in the meatpacking district? She raises her campaign glass to the skyline and says, “See New York! We Have It All!”? Sanders teaches his readers that they can successfully juggle work and “have it all.”

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