Monday, 15 September 2008

Loving Being On The Same Wavelength

If I was going to sum up my new book ‘Juggle’ in a few words, it would be about the importance of being multi-dimensional, of avoiding being pigeonholed and just being YOU. It’s been my story, through all my career but especially since I worked for myself. Doing my own thing. Wearing loads of different hats, mixing up a load of interests and business activities. Stuff like ‘serious’ marketing, co-devising a book for kids, presenting a bunch of videos, managing a rock band, advising an arts festival, writing a book - all in the same week, let alone the same lifetime. I love that.

I sat next to a woman at a wedding reception the week before last and we were both excited to have such common ground. Rachel Beer’s story is very much my story – we found we are on the same wavelength with us doing a bunch of stuff; our business offering reflecting our personality. It’s great to meet a kindred spirit like that.

So when I just clicked play on Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest video post on being multi-dimensional I was similarly excited; it was the online equivalent of sitting next to someone at a wedding and discovering that kindred spirit! His message = my message. He says: Don’t be scared of being multi-dimensional, execute against your DNA, and don’t be pigeonholed.

It’s no coincidence of course that Gary V is one of the featured jugglers in the book; so they’ll be more from him when it comes out next year.

Check out Gary’s video here. And in his words, ‘Execute Against Your DNA’

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