Monday, 15 September 2008


It’s easy to have a go at London. Tyler Brûlé does a good job in many of his ‘Fast Lane’ columns in the weekend FT. Sometimes with good reason, especially if he’s bemoaning the short comings of Heathrow and our struggling transport infrastructure. But for everything: business, culture, eating out and hanging out London can’t be beaten. And with the Olympics here in 4 years, it’s time to celebrate London.

It’s centre of excellence for the creative industries helped ‘Fast Company’ magazine named London ‘Global city of the year’ earlier this year and Alice Rawsthorn wrote a great essay about the city from an international perspective in its June issue.

Although I’ve become more nomadic to not have a ‘proper office’ (or my home) in the city anymore, we still benefit from our proximity to the city. We had dinner in the West End last Friday night and were back home – by a fast car – within the hour (just).

So whilst I’m still open-minded to live near or in any city, London is very much part of my story. Its creativity and entrepreneurial spirit was the catalyst for my business and marketing consultancy
OHM, and that’s where most of my clients are.

Read the Fast Company article here. Fast Company published my (edited) response to the article, in this month’s issue of the magazine.

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