Thursday, 18 September 2008

Communicating Your DNA

‘Executing against your DNA’ is important but remember to manage the market perception of you.

I’ve talked before about personal branding. That’s so important to have a coherent personal brand message whether you are an executive in a corporation or a freelancer.And when you are a generalist rather than a specialist; when you are a multi-dimensional juggler – then it's even more crucial.

I met an old contact yesterday, I had not seen him for at least four years. I updated him on what I am doing. I talked about the risk of being pigeonholed. He understands my strengths and my diversity but we agreed that if you asked ten different people what Ian Sanders is, you might get 10 different answers. That is fine, because that reflects my plurality as a juggler, but it also gives some challenges.

It's crucial to unite the seemingly disparate elements of your portfolio in a single personal brand. In my case, what is Ian Sanders' business OHM about?
Two things.
One, we work with clients to exploit their market potential.
Two, in all we do, we are a Safe Pair Of Hands for projects, from conception to delivery.

Whatever my business does, whatever clients, sectors, projects I serve, I ensure these are valid to everything we do, everything I do.

It’s my DNA; it's my brand equity, it's what I am about.

And I apply that criteria to every client we work with, every project we work on.

So develop your personal brand equity - and shout about it.

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