Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sharing The Secret That Is Moo!

Like many things in my life and business, I can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon, I know it was pretty random but it was a year or so ago.

Here is a business that consistently gives the wow factor. Moo offer really cool, cost-effective business cards, minicards and stickers. I quickly caught the Moo bug and got loads of Moo products to promote my business and my books. Users upload their own artwork and get a bunch of quality business cards on eco-friendly stock starting at around £10. The quality is so good, Moo soon replaced me using a designer/ traditional printer to make my business cards, saving me loads of money along the way.

Moo are a London company but last week in South By South West in Texas there was evidence that the bug has spread around the world as quite a few people were handing out Moo-made cards. Whenever I get my Moo card case out of my bag it's always a talking point and I have been sending contacts, clients and designers to Moo ever since.

In yesterday's FT, there's a great profile of the business and its founder Richard Moross. Richard observes:

“The business card is 300 years old,” he says. “It has not been displaced by mobiles, the internet or Bluetooth – it’s here bec­­ause it really works. It’s the most successful networking tool ever.”

And as I returned from SXSW with an empty business card box and a stack of cards from everyone I met out there, he's damn right.

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