Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Big Questions of SXSW

After five days of ideas generation, mental stimulation, networking, walking, tweeting, book signing, hustling, flyering, postcarding, cardslamming and a few too many beers, it's time to hit the road.

And I leave with some BIG questions posed by SXSW Interactive:

- Is Twitter really the meaning of life?

- How can I intergrate my book writing and business activities into a single brand?

- How can I apply the lessons I have learnt here to each of my clients, so they can benefit too?

- How can I develop the relationships I have made here to add value to everything I do?

- How can I develop a dual business model for my content offering to include Chris Anderson's Freelosophy?

- How am I going to find time to write my next book?

- How can I ensure I deliver all these ideas, put all these ideas into action? (I have a bulging to-do list)

- How can my projects, ideas and content compete for attention in this rapidly crowded world?

- Did anyone really take me and @worldhood's #cardslamming seriously?

- Why did the Radisson charge $4 for a Red Bull?

And most important of all:

- Can I get away with saying everything is 'awesome' back in London?

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