Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Make Sure Your Prospective Clients 'Get It'

Do your prospective clients 'get it'? Do you communicate your business offering clearly and distinctly?

I always advise my clients to have a clear brand statement, a mission statement or a positioner that sets out their stall in a simple and compelling way. In their website, creds and sales tools - so the marketplace 'gets it'. Not a shopping list of services, not a 'me too' proposition, something distinctive.

Your website is your shop window and you have to communicate - in a flash - what you are all about. It's a bit like this A-board outside one of my favourite coffee shops, NudeEspresso. It might just be a pavement A-board but it communicates their brand essence to passers by in the same way a website needs to.

'freshly made food, fantastic coffee + free wifi in a warm cosy space'

It's funny because brands and agencies spend tens of thousands of pounds and months in brainstorms trying to articulate brand statements. Whoever wrote Nude Espresso's probably didn't think what they were going to chalk up for too long but they have done it an ever so simple - yet genius - way. It does the sell perfectly. And even better, they deliver on the sell.

Don't over-engineer it, just tell the story. Whether you are a big business or a freelancer, ask yourself: what does your A-Board say?

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