Thursday, 5 March 2009

David Sloly On Juggling

This week’s Juggle Tapes interview is with David Sloly. David is Creative Director at the integrated digital marketing agency Mason Zimbler where he creates campaigns for technology brands like Microsoft, Toshiba and Dell. He’s eschewed traditional career development with a CV that has really mixed things up from writing books and DJ’ing to being a radio and TV producer. His work in radio won him a Gold Sony Award and a MOBO award. David is a real evangelist for digital communication and Web 2.0 and he’s also recently added hypnotherapy to his juggling.
I filmed my interview with Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi on a rooftop overlooking the Arc De Triomphe, for this one I was in Bristol on a terrace overlooking Clifton Suspension Bridge.

- In the interview David talks about how having a rich background outside of advertising helped him become a Creative Director.

- Hear how he's applied hypnotherapy to business challenges

- and how he got away with writing a report for work while he was meant to be on his honeymoon!


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dave wheeler said...


Another great interview! I liked the points about how your life's experiences outside of your profession truly do shape the way you approach and do the job. Experience is indeed the best teacher!