Wednesday, 11 March 2009

'An Englishman In Austin'

So with a bag full of promotional cards for all my respective books, a Juggle poster, a laptop, a Flip Mino, and a huge bunch of business cards - I’m off to South By South West.

Lots to do and looking forward to it. I feel like a pioneer – off to the States to make my fortune (or something like that)..


Richard Harrison said...

Good luck, trail-blazer! Got your Leigh postcard - looking forward to the Texan one!!


Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Rich; looking forward to the trail-blazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian. Thanks for your comment in my blog! I think your advices are very good and true. Hope you dont mind the publishing of the article. I have been in Austin a couple of years ago when i was a young kid LOL In my case would be a Portuguese in Austin or Porchie in Austin to be more funny...