Monday, 3 November 2008

The Thing About Twitter

I’d heard about Twitter from a Robert Scoble blog post a long while back but I didn’t think Twitter ‘was for me’. But after a couple of people said I should really start ‘tweeting’ I thought it was time to give it a go. For the uninitiated, Twitter is a social networking tool that allows you 140 characters to communicate to followers and contacts. So 7 days ago I lost my Twitter-virginity.

I’d had it with social networking tools like Facebook a long time ago but as a micro-entrepreneur, writer, blogger etc, I like the idea of Twitter because I love its simplicity. As my friend Rachel said, it’s a platform for micro-blogging. I also love brevity so 140 characters as a medium is very compelling.

But there’s something more important here. What I love about Twitter is that can you tweet about anything from the mega-important to the mundane – there’s no rules, it’s not just for ‘work’; it’s also not just for ‘play’. From a link to a blog post or a tweet about a new video I have produced, right through to a mundane weekend blog about enjoying an espresso and a bacon sandwich or playing with one of my kids.

One of my themes in my new book ‘Juggle’ is about the importance of authenticity; of being your true self, of the Work You being the Real You. If you choose to tweet in that style, Twitter can be a mirror that reflects that real you.
Another theme of ‘Juggle’ is about mixing up work and play, rather than neatly segmenting them, and again that’s what Twitter does (if you choose to use it like that). And whoever is reading your tweets – whether important clients, friends, contacts or random people around the world who you haven’t even met – there you are, for all to see, ‘warts and all’. And if people don’t get it, then maybe they don’t get you.

I find that authenticity very refreshing – ‘This is me’.

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