Sunday, 30 November 2008

Michael Knock 1945-2008

Part of my Juggle philosophy in re-thinking work is not just mixing up your passions in your worklife but also mixing up work and play; not working so hard you have no time for switching off. It’s about living your dreams and desires now rather than putting them on hold until a traditional retirement goal.

My uncle Michael Knock died in November. He was only 63 and had worked very hard all his life. His work life was what defined him, he was passionate about working in the property business and had worked for the same company from 5th August 1963 up until this summer when his cancer accelerated and he went back into hospital. That’s a remarkable 45 years with the same company, from office junior straight out of school to managing partner. He followed in the footsteps of his father who worked there; and his son has continued that family tradition as a partner there .

I have an enormous amount of respect for him, for someone who worked so hard with such dedication. I was also pleased to enjoy a close business relationship with him over the last couple of years as I produced some marketing materials for him, helping to update the image of the company he ran which celebrates its 90 year anniversary next year. But to die at 63 when he had so much more of life to enjoy is so sad, because unlike the juggle generation, he was working so hard he had not found time for much switching off.

I shall miss him.

His obituary from the local newspaper The Echo is here

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