Monday, 10 November 2008

More Than One Thing

Some of my new book ‘Juggle’ is about the notion of people doing more than one thing in their lives; eschewing categorisation and a single job title to mix up their passions in a unique business portfolio.

That fascinates me; I love meeting people who mix things up and break the old rules of work. I was reading one of my favourite newspaper features, ‘Expat Lives’ in the Weekend FT and the interview was with a guy who has a web-design business, works in a clothing business and performs as a musician. All at the same time.

Tomorrow I am interviewing two people for my series of short films, ‘The Juggle Interviews’. One is Martha Lane Fox, an entrepreneur whose portfolio includes running a karaoke business ‘Lucky Voice', two charities and also she’s on the board of Channel 4 and M&S. The other is an old friend David Sloly who is Creative Director at the technology ad agency Mason Zimbler. He may have one job title, but he mixes up his passions to do more than one thing.

The interviews will be posted online later in the year.

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