Wednesday, 12 November 2008

‘Martha and Me’

This is me interviewing Martha Lane Fox yesterday. This was filmed in the latest in the series of ‘Juggle Interviews’ which will be released later this year. We look like we are in the on-board bar on Eurostar but in fact we were in the basement bar at Lucky Voice, Martha’s karaoke club in Soho.

Martha was a true icon of the Dot Com years as founder of that she founded 10 years ago. Now she’s a real Juggler, running Lucky Voice, a charitable trust Antigone, plus she’s on the board of Marks & Spencer, of Channel 4 and also Mydeco.

We had a fascinating conversation about how she juggles such a demanding portfolio, how passion is the driver behind all she does and how she rarely manages to switch off. We discussed what took her from a virtual business to a ‘bricks and mortar’ business; we talked about whether the Work Martha is the Real Martha and she told me how important she thinks the power of song is.

Thanks to Martha, Ellie and the team down at Lucky Voice Poland Street and also to Steven and Clem for shooting it.

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