Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Tom Peters Factor

I was chuffed to be voted on to The Tom Peters Blog roll by the good people at so welcome to new readers who have entered The Scrambled Up World Of Work through Tom's site.

Management Gurus tend to be a love 'em or hate 'em breed; I never had much time for the evangelical school of 'This Will Change Your Life' type, it's just not my style but every time I have read Tom or seen him talk, he has really spoken to me directly – most of what he says resonates with my experiences and my business. Having been introduced to Tom's work at University in the late 80s; as an executive in the 90s his books were essential reading to keep me fired up and inspired. But the 00's is when Tom became even more valuable. Once I took the leap to go it alone, I had to reinvent my business so many times and Tom was my trusty guide. I discovered Tom's Project 50 series on a trip to Palo Alto (didn't realise the relevance of Palo Alto & Tom at the time). I love those little books and have re-read them again and again. It spoke directly to me and was the catalyst for taking my business in a new direction, re-branded as a venture that reflected my personality and values.

And to complete the Tom Peters story I was delighted when my publishers told me that Chris Nel, a partner in the Tom Peters Company had read the proofs of my own book and penned a very nice testimonial that sits on the back cover.

Welcome to those of you who are members of the TP Community.

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