Monday, 7 April 2008

My Back-Of-The-Napkin-Portfolio

Dan Roam used to run a marketing company in Russia. The only problem was - he didn’t speak Russian. So he used drawings to communicate. Then, even when he’d learnt Russian, he still drew pictures as a means of communication.

Dan is now back in the US as a consultant and lecturer and he’s written a book, ‘The Back Of The Napkin, Solving Problems And Selling Ideas With Pictures’.

I have always been a fan of scribbling doodles, thoughts and ideas on a notepad, on a beermat or on the back of a napkin. As readers of my book will know, it’s where many of my ideas started. Dan takes this one stage further using pictures to plot strategy or communicate change. He believes any problem can be solved with a picture:

“Used properly, a humble napkin is more powerful than Excel or Powerpoint. It can help you crystallize your ideas, think outside the box, and communicate more powerfully than any traditional business presentation”

In homage to ‘Back Of The Napkin’ I doodled my current portfolio on the back of a napkin on the train last week. Click on the image above to view My Back-Of-The-Napkin-Portfolio.

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