Monday, 28 April 2008

The Ideas-Rich & Time-Poor Generation

I was emailing a group of people today about a project we might collaborate on. I was keen to get involved in the new project but wanted to be realistic about the time it would take me if we went forward as I have so many other things on. I guess we get approached by so many people about collaborating on this or that; we need to be ruthless about what we choose to do.

So I said I remained keen, but I was ‘Ideas-rich and Time-poor’ so had to consider carefully what I work on. This resonated with one of my fellow collaborators and then I realised this is true for so many of us. I have no shortage of ideas for new products, ventures, projects. For books to write, intellectual properties to develop, projects to develop. But I have limited time.

And then it got me thinking (thanks for the prompt Trevor!). With this dilemma so common for many of us, we need to formulate strategies for choosing what ideas to pursue, and what to put on the back burner. I make those decisions every week.

My next book is for everyone who is ideas-rich and time-poor. Watch this space....!

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