Thursday, 30 July 2009

Take A Zoo Day (But You Don't Have To Actually Go To The Zoo)

If you work for yourself or have enough flexibility in your working life, once in a while give yourself a treat; take a Zoo Day.

What's a Zoo Day? It's an impromptu day off.

Why 'Zoo'? Because one morning I was sitting having breakfast with my wife and kids and she said to me ' why don't we go to the zoo today?' and I said don't be so silly I'm far too busy for that. But then I thought, I had no meetings; yes I had some time critical stuff to do but that could be done in 2 hours so yes I could actually free up the day just like that. I realised what's the point of working for myself if I couldn't take some time off.

Having a Zoo Day is great to remind yourself of the benefits of doing your own thing, of taking a break from work pressures to get a breath of fresh air, to recharge your batteries, do something different. Of course, that gives your job or profession reinvigoration or some new ideas.

We did a Zoo Day yesterday; we went to the countryside for the day, for a walk and a pub lunch. Inevitably I sweated at the start and end of the day to make sure I got everything done and as a result I started this morning at 06.30 but I did get great value in return.

(But I never did actually make it to the zoo. Oh well, next time....)

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