Friday, 3 July 2009

Living The Juggle Life - Radio Interview

Here is the radio interview I did last weekend on Irish station 4FM, where I appeared on the Michael Comyn show. Michael is a true juggler, mixing radio presenting with a business portfolio that embraces communication training, psychotherapy, coaching for individuals, plus he’s a voice over artist.

The interview is about 10 minutes long and you can hear it by clicking 'Play' below (audio only).

(I got a call from the station half an hour earlier than scheduled to do the interview so I was in a shop with my wife and not quite ready. Told I had 16 seconds before going live, I quickly dashed out so apologies for background traffic noise...)


Michael said...

Excellent example of Juggling.. if you can manage to shop and so a radio interview at the same time...

Great to talk to you


Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Michael! Good to talk to you too

George Dearsley said...

Saw you note on Twitter about media training. Please have a look at I'd be delighted to help.

Best wishes

George Dearsley