Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Playing it Straight

Like it or not, you'll experience lots of bullshit in business.

People playing games. People promising you a piece of business when they’ve no intention of paying you. Clients asking you to pitch for business when they already decided who they were going to give the project to. Suppliers telling you what you want to hear, not what they can deliver.

So I was reminded yesterday how refreshing it is to deal with people who cut through all that crap.
A client – who I’d only worked with once before - called me. He wanted a ball park quote on a job for a meeting. I said I’d put a few scenarios on an email to him. ‘Don’t worry wasting your time’ he said, ‘let’s just deal with it now to save you the hassle’. So we talked through some options and I gave him some prices. He didn’t bullshit me, he said if the project would happen it would be next year. But he also said he wasn’t the kind of guy who ‘phoned a supplier to get quotes and then went with someone else. ‘If the project’s happening, it’s yours’.

I’d only worked with him once but he likes working with people he knows and he trusts me to deliver. His attitude is more old-school than new-school, but it’s really refreshing to have a dialogue like this and it reminded me we should all tell it like it is and avoid that business bullshit.

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