Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How investing 90 seconds in research can make a difference

When we have so much information available at our finger tips easily – and quickly - there is no excuse for not doing your research in prepping for that meeting, job interview, whatever.

When I was invited to be interviewed for a radio show recently I checked out the presenter’s page on the radio station website, skimmed his biog and then found out about a separate business he ran. Total time invested = 90 seconds. But it informed the approach I took being interviewed and he was also impressed as I then knew something about him. Maybe the interview went better as a result because he warmed to me; either way, it made a difference.

I met a guy recently who had asked to see me for and it was obvious he hadn’t even checked out my website. Someone interviewing me didn’t know the title of my book. But it was there on my website.

It’s not complicated and it doesn’t need to take stacks of time. But doing that homework can make that all-important difference in a job interview, when you are pitching for business, or if you are just making a new connection with a person or organisation.

So make the effort.

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