Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Why Kevin Roberts Likes To Juggle

In my second in the series of The Juggle Tapes I went to Paris to interview Kevin Roberts. Kevin is CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi - one of the world’s leading creative organisations with a team of over 7,000 people across 83 countries. He is also the inaugural CEO in Residence at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, he’s Chairman of USA Rugby, and a Director of New Zealand Telecom. He is the author of ‘Lovemarks’ and ‘The Lovemarks Effect’.

In the interview recorded on the roof of the Publicis building in Paris Kevin reveals his secrets for success – it’s all about juggling. These are the principles at the heart of his business success:

« 'Jugglers are living the most liberated, free, entrepreneurial, inspirational lives'

« ‘It’s not about work/life balance; it’s about work/life integration. I don’t want to balance my life, I want to blast it to the max'

« ‘Only do the stuff you enjoy.. just choose the things you are passionate about’

« ‘I tend to run things by imagination, intuition and inspiration’



Ixtlan said...

Kevin - great to see this meme out in the open now. Guess I was way too early (2004) with my own book and statement:

Winning by Sharing is a collection of true stories combined with market research and analysis about the future of work, how profoundly it will affect people in the next decade, and how this will take most people by surprise.

"The internet has caused a fundamental change in attitude towards work and the realisation that a 'career' has ceased to be a feasible way to organise working life. I now view work as an instrument of self-development and personal autonomy and entrepreneurship not as a status symbol, but as an attitude - an attitude that everyone is going to need".

dave wheeler said...


Excellent interview as always! If more CEO's or executives would "get" Kevin's point that "the further you go up in the company the more stupid you become", they could see the value of engaging and involving the folks at the bottom of the org chart. That is essential for performance excellence.

Responsibility, learning, recognition and excellent are those values, particularly when the CEO models them daily.

Terrfic stuff Ian...keep 'em coming!