Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Paul Smith on juggling in business

Over lunch I picked up one of my favourite books, Paul Smith's You Can Find Inspiration in Everything - (And If You Can't, Look Again). I picked it up because – surprise, surprise, I was looking for inspiration on a project.

And I was struck by two quotes I found in the book:

"My job is a bit like jugglers that spin plates on poles. Keeping them all spinning perfectly is difficult. There is always one which starts to wobble when you are designing 19 collections a year, have more than 25 shops, 450 staff and are the chairman of the company".

"The reason I’ve been successful is because I’ve just got on and packed boxes, and I know that VAT means Value Added Tax not vodka and tonic. I’ve sold on the shop floor; I’ve typed invoices. At some point I’ve done everything, and I’ve always kept my head above water financially. Nevertheless, I’m extremely nervous about becoming a businessman and not a designer".

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