Friday, 6 February 2009

Introducing Harry Drnec

With 4 ‘Juggle Tapes’ in the can, we’ve been filming new ones.

Yesterday, I interviewed Harry Drnec. Harry Drnec is a marketing expert and entrepreneur who’s spent much of his career in the drinks industry. Born in Chicago, he started out as a US Air Force pilot in Vietnam before going to business school and embarking on a career in marketing. After working with brands including Budweiser and Gallo Wines he came to UK and in the ‘90s he made brands like Sol Beer and Snapple famous in the UK. Harry was then CEO of Red Bull UK, where be transformed a company that was losing money into a market leader. He is now Chairman of a carbonated drinks company; he’s involved in a technology start-up; he’s advising a car manufacturer; he’s on the board of several other companies; plus he has a farm in Suffolk that rears rare breed cattle and pigs. He’s a juggler and loving it!

Harry was excellent company and we have recorded some great material on the benefits and challenges of going from a life doing one thing to a life juggling many. It should go live on Viddler in a few weeks.

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Stevfe Burrough said...

I was in Pilot Training with Harry Drnec in Enid, Ok. I was also in Vietnam with him. I have been trying to find him and get in touch with him. Could you please forward this comment and tell him to e-mail Steve Burrough at The interview you did with him was great. I listened to it several times. He still is "Fast Harry" and congrats on all of his great successes. Steve Burrough