Monday, 2 February 2009

Think about new benchmarks for success

At the heart of living the Juggle life is the need to redefine success; because when you juggle stuff you do for money with stuff you do for love, it’s not just about the salary anymore.

Traditionally, business success was all about Status and Salary. Even today, a friend of mine who’s job hunting proclaimed that his primary motive is to get a job that ‘earns as much money as possible’.

(Nothing wrong with that) But that’s not mine.

Measuring success is not about those traditional benchmarks. For many of us, it’s less about where you are on the corporate ladder, what position you occupy, what your perceived status is, and what your earnings are. Instead success is more about such indicators such as passion, happiness, fulfilment and lifestyle.

So instead of asking yourself whether you’re going to get a pay-rise this year or get promoted to a position with a bigger salary try introducing some other benchmarks. Ask yourself:

« Is this role something I feel totally passionate about?
« Do I work with a bunch of people who enrich and stimulate me?
« Is my job an extension of my DNA; is the Work Me the Real Me?
« Do I have the autonomy and flexibility I want?
« Do I get to ‘make a difference’ in this organisation?

Don’t be an unhappy overpaid executive (because what’s the point in that?), consider more important benchmarks in your career development.

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