Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Why Harry Drnec prefers instinct to market research.

Episode ‘5 in our Juggle Tapes series is with Harry Drnec (ex Red Bull, Sol Beer, Gallo Wines). Going through the archives prior to the intetview I found a cutting from The Independent On Sunday 1992 in the ‘My Biggest Mistake’ column. In this piece Harry tells the story of whilst working for Gallo Wines he made the mistake of listening to research rather than his gut. Click on the article to read it.

“My biggest mistake was in allowing market research to dictate one of my major decisions ... Where I went wrong was in allowing a system to dictate my decision. Now I know why I hate market research. ... If you know your business well enough, you ought to be willing to take a chance on a product that you believe in”.
The Harry Drnec video interview goes live Friday 27th February on Viddler.

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