Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tom Peters On Juggling

Since writing Juggle, I still come across articles or pieces of writing that totally sum up what the book is all about. I just picked up one of my favourite Tom Peters’ books (‘The Professional Service Firm 50’) that I had not looked at properly since buying it in California in 2004. This is from a great series of hard backed pocketsize books published by Knopf. And I found a chapter where Tom talks about juggling.

Bottom Line: Life is about the fine art of balance. life is a juggling act. Juggling your work…and your family..and your friends… and your extracurricular passions… and whatever. It’s about balancing your needs and aspirations… with what you can actually accomplish. Those who do it successfully have mastered the art of living.

And amen to that. It's that simple...

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