Friday, 19 December 2008

How To Survive On Planet Juggle in 2009

Business and work is changing – fast. Who knows what’s around the corner and to make matters worse, the recession is biting. Whether you work for yourself or for a large corporation success in 2009 is going to be about mixing it up; reaching beyond a single job title and doing more than one thing. Survival requires flexibility and resilience; sticking to one business model to one talent, to one market is limiting. It’s time to embrace change; it’s time to go plural.

Plurality of disciplines and hats is not just good for your wealth; it also can be good for your health as you build your passions into your work meaning that the Work You can reflect the Real You.

Success in 2009 is about having the right mindset to deal with everything that gets thrown at you; here’s your Survival Guide:

1. FORGET SPECIALISM, discover the value of being across more than one discipline. Sticking to just one thing limits your potential; place no limits on what you do and you’ll be more fulfilled.
2. BE PASSIONATE about all you do; let your passions and desires inform and shape your work life. Go beyond a job title and carve out a unique You-role. Do it your way.
3. BE ADEPT AT GEAR-SHIFTING, from segueing from the huge to the tiny, from work to play.
4. MAKE TIME FOR PLAY. Forget work/life balance! Being a successful juggler is about integrating work and play; using playtime as your inspiration and stimulation.
5. BE A CHAMELEON, FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE. Re-think all you do, be happy to change the rules again and again. Don’t stay entrenched in rigid ideas of how things should be done, be happy to learn new stuff, embrace new ideas.
6. THE BEST PLAN IS A NON-PLAN. Success in this new economy is about making it up as you go along.
7. DEVELOP A PERSONAL BRAND to unite and communicate your strengths. Think and act like a big brand, sell yourself and blog/tweet/shout about your multi-dimensional talents.
8. WORK HARD BUT WORK SMART. Whilst success relies on you working hard it’s also doing what you love; and when you do what you love, it doesn’t feel so much like work.
9. HAVE PURPOSE IN ALL YOU DO. Focus on making a difference and leaving a legacy.
10. RE-THINK WORK. Work is not a place you go; it’s a mindset you dip in and out of.

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