Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Importance of 'On Time'

There's lots of things I take for granted in life and business and one of them is delivering on time. Doing stuff when I said I would; delivering projects on time; not being late.

It's part of that whole Safe Pair Of Hands offering. When I delivered my manuscript of my second book to my publishers (on time), they said they were grateful that I had stuck to the deadline (maybe other writers don't?!). But running my own business – and surely, running any business, there's never been a question of not doing 'on time'. If I didn't do stuff on time, I wouldn't have a business (that simple).

On Time is where it's at; it's what will give you that competitive edge. Because who wants to deal with clients, suppliers or team members who don't deliver on time?

You may read this and think this is such damn common sense; it's hardly a business revelation. And you'd be right (but I still see people getting it wrong).

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