Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Importance Of Blowing Your Own Trumpet

Working for myself, doing my own thing, running my own business, writing books - I have known from the outset you have to be a good self-publicist.

On receiving some of my self-billed propaganda a few years ago, one friend commented that I was 'good at blowing my own trumpet' and he was right; you certainly can't rely on anyone else doing it for you (unless you have a publicist or PR company on side). So you need to communicate with your target audiences and recognise the importance of a One Man Brand.

Me? I have a business website, an author website, this blog, a YouTube page and I've finally started tweeting at Twitter. With so many social networking tools available there is just no excuse for being shy: communication is the key to success. And it's something I advise my clients on constantly – you have to be proactive in communicating with you customers and your industry at large. And in times of recession, of economic uncertainty and poor market confidence, it’s SO important to communicate, to keep in touch with clients and prospects. A small business – or any business come to that – that doesn’t keep in touch can jeopardise its reputation; like any relationship, a hiatus in communication is not healthy.

I’m currently working with a small business on a newsletter initiative. It might not win me an award for Most Original Idea Of The Year but it works, it’s cost effective and it’s simple (3 great reasons in my book). It’s a proven way of keeping in touch with clients, contacts, shareholders with news and views.

Do whatever works for you, but make sure you keep in touch, make sure you communicate to your audiences and yes, you can blow your own trumpet.

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