Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'Pioneering Spirit'

Here are some stills from last week's shoot of the 'Pioneering Spirit' videos for Courvoisier The Future 500.
Pic #1 I am interviewing Ian Burrell, restauranteur and rum guru; #2 is Sam Bompas, architectural foodsmith and Jelly Genius; #3 is technology expert David Prior ; and #4 Jennifer Williams-Bafoe, consultant to the fashion industry (with apologies to Neil Fairbrother - no stills available).
The videos are currently in post-production.

* Thanks to Amy Osborne for the photos


Neil Fairbrother said...

It was a good session, thanks Ian I enjoyed being interviewed by you for this. Looking forward to meeting up an the next event. Cheers Neil

Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Neil...