Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Introducing Kevin Roberts

Yesterday afternoon on the roof terrace of the Publicis building at the top of the Champs-Élysées in Paris I met fellow Chief Juggler Kevin Roberts. Kevin is the New York-based CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi - one of the world’s leading creative organisations with a team of over 7,000 people across 83 countries. He is also sits on the Publicis board, he's the inaugural CEO in Residence at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, he’s Chairman of USA Rugby, a trustee of the Turn Your Life Around Trust & a Sponsor Governor of Lancaster Royal Grammar School as well as a bunch of other stuff. He blogs, he’s the author of ‘Lovemarks’ and ‘The Lovemarks Effect’. Now a New Zealand citizen, he has offices and homes in Auckland and New York, and homes also in St Tropez and Grasmere in the UK. So you can see why I chose him to feature in my book as a Juggler – he does SO MUCH stuff! This guy is truly nomadic; from Paris it was back to New York, then off to Peru, Mexico, Miaimi and Brussels – that’s just the next week.

It was great of Kevin to find time in his schedule for a chat, especially when he’s suffering from a broken arm from a bike fall. The vista from the roof terrace was stunning - a close-up view of the Arc De Triomphe. Our filming was briefly interrupted by a procession of the French Olympians returning from Beijing in a fleet of open top buses.

Our chat was filmed for the video series of ‘The Juggle Interviews’ that will be released later in the year. Also, much of Kevin's insight and approach to life will be featured throughout my book 'Juggle!' when it's out in 2009.

A huge thanks to Steven Mayatt for his work yesterday on stills and video.

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Ian Sanders said...

My friend Peter wins the caption competition for this one: "Sanders twists Roberts' arm for an interview.."!!