Sunday, 31 August 2008

Creating Something From Nothing (II)

13 months ago I finished writing my first book, ‘Leap!’. Here’s how I described it in the blog in July 2007.

I have just finished writing ‘Juggle!’ (right now).

‘Leap!' took a while in its gestation.

‘Juggle!’ has been rapid. The proposition changed as I wrote it. It’s been 'bloody hard work' (and that’s the censored version).

I have given my all (any less would not have sufficed).

Here’s the stats:

From 1 idea to 40,572 words.
Via 87 chapters in 4 sections.
With 9 interviews, written in 4 cities, in three countries.
76 days from first scribble to today.
69 days from first word typed to last word.
68.25 hours of screen editing (in addition to paper edits)
527 revisions.

I’m knackered.

Good night x


Keith Hampson said...

Congratulations, Ian. Taking time to enjoy completion is important (although I rarely do, myself)
Keith, working late in Toronto.

Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Keith; I wish I could have a 'day off' to appreciate that completion; alas not...
best wishes, Ian