Friday, 6 August 2010

Lewis Howes: Making It Up As I Go Along

Lewis Howes used to play American football for a living. When a sports injury put him out of the game for six months he had to find ways to make a living. He had zero business experience but knew what he wanted to achieve. So without any great plan he set about building some businesses and writing a book. His first book was all about LinkedIn, a platform that Lewis is passionate about after having spent many hours each day learning how to exploit as a business tool. He now travels extensively giving talks alongside running popular webinars. 
What I like about his story is how Lewis reinvented himself and created successful businesses with no great plan. He's made it up as he gone along. I hung out with Lewis and here’s a two minute video of our chat.


Phil Leggetter said...

It was mentioned very quickly but I think "asking people for advice" is massively important.

When I was a graduate in my first job I quite often tried to find things out for myself and was afraid to ask for advice or help. Spending some time trying to solve problems or working out how to best do something is definitely a good thing, you've got to put in a decent amount of effort yourself, but don't spend too long at it. As soon as you think you are stuck or you've spent a long time on it head out and ask for advice.

There are plenty of people out there that actually love helping others. They may well be in the position they are in due to the help they've been given in the past.

So, if you need help and advice, ask for it. If you are in the position to give help and advice, do it.

Lewis Howes said...


Thanks for catching that point there...

one thing I didn't mention was I spent a lot of time giving by asking others how they got to where they are.

People love to share their stories (so I have learned) and by letting them share you are actually giving a great service to them.

The more questions I asked about their success, and path, the more I learned about how to do it myself (and how not to do it) and they were also more inclined to help when I did have questions.

Thanks again!

Ian Sanders said...

Good point Phil, thanks for the contribution. Making it up as you go along is great but it's also essential asking others for advice and inspiration on your way...

Espree said...

Woo hoo!!!! Lewis and Ian are dynamic entrepreneurs to learns from to see that anything is possible with reinvention consistency and dedication.