Monday, 16 August 2010

Bootstrap your business growth

I'm in Saturday's Financial Times (below) with advice to grow your business without investment. These ideas are hardly ground-breaking but they should be effective in stimulating and inspiring growth. 

Whether it's selling more products and services to existing clients; identifying your 'by-products'; or expanding your digital presence without increasing head-count or premises, none of these ideas need much of an investment other than time and ideas.

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jon said...

Hi Ian,
We at KMP Digitata are big fans of 37signals. We have developed a by product of one of their products Basecamp. It is called bcToolkit. This was because Basecamp was great bit it did not give us the productivity data that we need to see how efficient we are, such as time spent vs time budgeted. So we developed bcToolkit now available at The guys at 37signals even promote it on their site. Great article.