Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dave Stewart: putting ideas into action

Here’s part two of my interview with Dave Stewart (you can catch part 1 here). Dave has just co-authored a book ‘The Business Playground: where creativity and commerce collide’. He is president of his very own ideas factory Weapons Of Mass Entertainment that develops ideas for music, TV, film, products and brands. Dave also consults for Nokia as their official Change Agent but is still very active as a musician and producer. This month saw him in Nashville recording a solo album and also working on a new album for Stevie Nicks.

In ‘Putting Ideas Into Action’ Dave talks about implementing ideas, ideas spaghetti, relinquishing control, how to get ideas noticed and the lessons he’s learnt from his experience in Eurythmics. He also talks about what drives his ideas and who inspires him.

A key takeaway is the importance of partnering to make your idea happen. That means relinquishing some control but as Dave says: “I’d rather have 10% of something that took off than 100% of something that was still on the table”.

Thanks to Dave for his time and for Kori Bundi at Weapons Of Mass Entertainment in LA for doing the colour correction.


Sandy Dempsey said...

This was an awesome interview. Part two was even better than part one.

So many people get stuck (including me) because we have so many ideas but don't have the skill set to take them all the way from concept to reality.

We fall into the trap that we have to do it all and own it all.

This was a refreshing and inspiring interview and has not only given me new ideas, but new ideas of how to turn some of them into reality.

Thank you Ian, Dave and everyone involved for taking the time to record this interview and make it available to the public!

Ian Sanders said...

Wow - thanks Sandy. Sure, the missing bit for so many of us is to make our ideas happen, to take them to market, so I'm glad this video inspired in the right direction...