Thursday, 30 April 2009

What Turns You On?

What’s your currency of stimulation? What gets you going?

For maximising your juggling abilities; inspiring a solution to your latest challenge or getting that required motivation – know what drives you.

Is it an early morning swim? A run? The view from your window? An alfreso lunch with a glass of wine? You need to know what it takes to get the most out of work and life.

If walking to the top of a mountain drives your productivity and happiness, act on it. Go and find a mountain!

If you’re best at 06:00 or best at 22:00, act on it – start early or work late.

Be self-aware of your stimuli and wherever possible, build them into your working practices, into your lifestyle. And RE-DESIGN YOUR WORKLIFE accordingly. If you’re crap before 10:00 have a policy of not doing breakfast meetings. If you’re best after a gym session or a cycle, do it. Ditto your daily espresso, tulips on your desk, the Foo Fighters on your ipod, your lunch break in the park, whatever IT is that turns you on.

For Kevin Roberts his stimuli are different homes with different vibes; also his 12,000 tracks on the iPod, his 4 books he reads at any one time. For me it’s the change of perspective and focus of a journey somewhere; for my editor Sarah it’s fresh flowers, a clean and clear environment.

If you don’t feel in the right zone, try and break it. Switch projects. Go for a run, for a coffee, put the kettle on. Walk away from your desk. Go and read a book for half an hour.

Pause. And then wait for the results. And watch that inspiration flow; your energy levels lift or the eureka moment realised.

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