Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How To Juggle Not Struggle When You Have A Demanding Workload

  1. Doing business and performing our job roles is getting harder. Our employers and clients are placing bigger demands on our time and our to-do lists are filling up fast. With more and more ‘stuff’ to do how do we ensure we juggle rather than struggle? Here are a few tips:

    1) Chunk it down! Sometimes everything can seem daunting, when we have a growing workload and looming deadlines. So try breaking big challenges down into tangible – practical - tasks and actions. It will make the impossible possible.

    2) Don’t try to do it all at once. Whilst the temptation might be to answer all those emails, update the spreadsheet and write the document at the same time, don’t! Do one at a time. Segment the working day into separate disciplines, start the day with dealing with emails, sit down with a coffee to brainstorm the more difficult tasks.

    3) Cancel the crap/ lose the non essential. Got a meeting in the schedule that is not critical to happen this week when you’re so manic? Cancel it and free up some time.

    4) Focus on getting stuff done. Rather than drifting from one task to another, focus on ticking things off the to-do list and achieving results. If you find you’re drifting and haven’t achieved anything all morning, try going through your actions, one by one.

    5) The worst thing you can do when you’re mega busy is to over-work yourself. Whilst success is likely to be about getting up earlier and working longer, remember it’s counter productive to keep on working when you’re stressed or tired. So, know when to raise the drawbridge and to quit for the day.

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