Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Global Juggle Village

Whether you are a cynic about the concept of ‘The Global Village’ one thing you can’t deny is that the web and tools like Twitter and blogs have made the world a smaller place. Recently I have connected with a whole load of ‘virtual’ friends in the U.S. and with my trip to Austin last month for SXSW, the States is very much becoming part of my 'Juggle!' story. This afternoon (London time) I have just guested on Ray Seggern’s Sunday morning Chillville radio show on Austin’s KROX FM. Ray plays some great music, today's playlist included Elbow, Radiohead, Lily Allen, Beth Orton.

There’s a whole bunch of people over there who have really helped me over here with Juggle, in terms of ‘bigging it up’ and spreading the word. They are all jugglers in their own right, talented people who juggle more than one role in their lives, people who keep it real, who mix up passions in their working life. People like:

My SXSW ‘Core Conversation’ co-presenter, the Chicago-based documentary maker Melissa Pierce whose suggestion it was that I should join her in Texas. She was my catalyst!

To all the cool people I met out at SXSW like Kelly Livesay, David Wiggs, Jeff Slobotski and Thom Singer.

To SXSW organiser Hugh Forrest for his support and getting me on the Barnes & Noble book-signing schedule.

To all the cool people I met online at SXSW (but still have yet to meet proper). People like Espree Devora who has really embraced the Juggle spirit.

To really talented bloggers and writers like Pam Slim, Todd Sattersten, Roxanne Darling.

To Cathy Mosca at

To Lyn Graft at Club E

You are my Juggle Ambassadors – thank you (there’s loads more people to thank, these are just some of the key ones in the U.S.).

And with the official U.S. release date for 'Juggle!' tomorrow April 20th I’m really grateful for all their kind words, for taking the time to read the book and for embracing its spirit.

* photograph taken by Ian Sanders at Museum Of Modern Art, New York

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