Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Roxanne Darling On Juggling

Roxanne Darling has been creating sometimes daily video blogs at BeachWalks.TV for a couple of years. She juggles that with her business running Barefeet Studios. Recently Roxanne got busy and slowed down the frequency of her Beach Walks videos as she needed to focus on other priorities. Now she’s back with a post about juggling and about ‘Juggle’.

You can watch the video below, on the Beach Walks website or via iTunes here.

I love Roxanne’s work – her unscripted pieces to camera always inspire or get you thinking, and the Hawaii beach is an inspiring backdrop. Great to see my book making its debut on the beach there…


Roxanne Darling said...

You are the master Ian taking ideas into form. Please arrange a book tour to Hawaii - we'll make sure it doesn't feel at all like a j-o-b.



Ian Sanders said...

A book tour to Hawaii sounds cool - will put it on the 'wish list'!