Friday, 11 July 2008

Getting Motivated!

A few of my friends and colleagues have talked to me this week about their problems with motivation. And they’re right, it’s tough getting motivated sometimes.

Especially when you are self-employed, you’re only answerable to yourself and you may not have any co-workers to hassle you or support you. To say, ‘where’s that report?’ or ‘did you email that client back?’

Procrastination is the potential downfall of every Leap! entrepreneur. So you have to be disciplined. My discipline is in managing my tasks by having a daily ‘to do’ list. And if I don’t get everything done that day, then I have to transfer the tasks to the next one, when it’s already full of tasks. That pressure motivates me to get things done. It’s hardly a revolutionary technique, but it works!

But we all have days when it’s difficult to get started. Inevitably you are going to get stale.

Stale in how, when and where you work. Bogged down with some administration, stuck with a tedious project. And when that happens you need to let in some fresh air to change the routine:

- Take time out.
- Go out for lunch with a friend or mentor.
- Give yourself a ‘Treat’.
- Go out for a coffee.
- Go for a run.

Any change can be so effective, however small.

On those days when I get stale I know I need to do something. Walk out of the room, walk around the block, go and have a coffee, go somewhere else.

And two things will happen:

1. You will feel liberated
2. You’ll return to your desk with a fresh perspective and clarity about all you have to do.

They say a week away has restorative powers. Well never underestimate the power of one hour away.

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