Monday, 28 July 2008

An Inspiration Jaunt

Saturday was spent working on my book and I needed to get out and about. So a tour of Borough Market SE1 was the tonic I self-prescribed. I started – and ended – my jaunt at Monmouth Coffee Shop on Park Street, my favourite place for an espresso (despite the queues. At least they have someone taking orders from the queue). As I sat there with my manuscript, I noted other people scribbling, reading, chatting, meeting and drinking. I perched on a stool in the window and looked out on what felt like The Best View In London. The river? Hyde Park? Battersea Power Station? Nope, the corner of Park Street and Stoney Street where people spill out from the market, coffee shop and pub vying for space amidst market stalls, pallets and reversing fork-lift trucks. A great window on the world.

A pit-stop for a sausage bap in the market and then it was on to
The Rake on Winchester Walk. The Rake is an award-winning bar that sells over 120 beers from around the world. I opted for a bottle of Quilmes, Argentina’s finest. The staff at the Rake are really friendly and poured my drink nicely into a branded Quilmes glass, turning the label to face me as she put it down. And I noted she said ‘enjoy your drink’ to every customer. You don’t get that in your average boozer.

And then it was back to the Monmouth Coffee Shop via Tate Modern.

All in all, a good place to hang out

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