Friday, 18 July 2008

‘Small is a weapon, not an excuse’.

Seth Godin had some sensible things to say this week about the advantages of being a small business.

He’d bought some goods online from a merchant via Amazon and needed to return them but the seller said it would take three or four weeks to process. ‘Why so long?’ he asked back. They replied that because they were not a big company they could not do it quicker! Which makes me laugh because if you are a small company of course you can do things like that right away, it’s just about prioritising. Because there are no unwieldy organisational procedures to go through, no inter-departmental protocol to follow, no forms to fill in. You just do it! Especially if a customer is unhappy or wants to return something that is just the kind of thing that you deal with straight away.

Running my own small business I have always prided on keeping it small and that’s where my success lies. Being intimate, offering personal service and always being available. And that’s why I succeed.

Seth’s post links some good examples of how a tiny company can have a better website than a big one and ends with a great quote:

‘Small is a weapon, not an excuse’.

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