Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Take That Risk

Last Thursday I finished a project for a new client. It was the first time we worked together and it went really well. But neither party knew that before we started; I wasn’t even a ‘known quantity’ – the client had a hunch, thought I might be the right guy for his project. He took a risk.

That evening I saw a woman who’d hired me for a work experience role 22 years ago. I hadn’t seen her in nearly 20 years. She told me she just had a feeling when I walked into that meeting room all those years ago, that I was going to fit in to her TV company. She took a risk. And a risk that paid off, as they hired me after I left college, which then paved the start of my random career path and led me to where I am two decades later.

Sometimes we try and avoid risk. We don’t like to stick our necks out or go for something, in case it doesn’t work out. But that attitude won’t get you far in life or in business.

You need to take a risk. So hire that person, launch that business, pitch for that gig, email that CEO you want as a client, ask that person out you really fancy.

Do it.

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