Friday, 8 January 2010

Preethi Nair, Storyteller & Juggler

10 years ago Preethi Nair was working as a management consultant. But she had really always wanted to be a novelist so decided to take the leap to write full time. She self-published her first novel Gypsy Masala and was then faced with the challenge of getting it promoted. Unable to afford a publicist, Preethi came up with the great idea of promoting herself, but under an alias, Pru Menon. She set up separate email addresses, ‘phone and fax numbers and started leading a ‘double life’ as Preethi and Pru that resulted in her securing a 3 book deal with Harper Collins. You can read more about this amazing story on her website.

Preethi has now become a real evangelist for the power of storytelling within business. Her company Kiss The Frog helps business leaders discover their message and through storytelling manage change, inspire teams and communicate more effectively. Clients include Lego, Deutsche Bank and MTV. She juggles running the business alongside writing projects.

I met up with her this week and talked to her about her story.

If you can't see the video above, you can watch it on YouTube here

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KatePickering said...

Storytelling is so important in all aspects of life - not just the best entertainment but business too, it's what engages and why Preethi is so great. Have you come across this (I have no affiliation other than buying a ticket!)